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MPC Applications

Patient Welcome Module

Once patients arrive at a healthcare facility, they no longer need to complete a clipboard full of paper forms and peruse stale magazines, while enduring unproductive and sometimes long wait times in the reception area. Immediately upon arrival they are given the Mobile Patient Communicator, are welcomed to the office electronically and provided a menu of choices to make the most of their visit.

To get their medical visit started all it takes is a touch, as patients follow on-screen prompts and queries to check-in and, as allowed by their healthcare provider, manage their profile, electronically complete required paperwork and file consent forms. Within seconds the appointment is confirmed and their nurse begins to communicate with them.

To make patients comfortable and relaxed while waiting, they are encouraged to take the MPC with them should they stroll to the café or courtyard area while waiting for their appointment. The MPC acts as their digital concierge no matter where they may roam on the premises. Throughout the visit nurses and support staffs can communicate with the patient and notify them of their room availability.

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